West Street Market Spotlight – Sabrina’s West Street Kitchen

Today at West Street Market, we’re chatting about Sabrina’s West Street Kitchen. This homey little restaurant anchors the southern end of West Street Market, and it’s one of those hidden gems. One visit, and you’ll get it.

The Thing about Sabrina’s

Someone on Yelp described Sabrina’s West Street Kitchen so perfectly, we couldn’t have put it any better. She said it’s like eating at a friend’s house instead of a restaurant. Maybe it’s because Sabrina herself is doing all the cooking, and she still finds the time to chat with customers. Maybe it’s because all of the servers have been with Sabrina from the start, and you get the feeling they’re all as close as family. Or maybe it’s because customers are welcome to grab a brew or glass of wine from the other restaurants in the market, sit wherever they like, and enjoy Sabrina’s home-cooked meals.

We’re guessig it’s all three. But whatever the reason, visiting Sabrina’s is like going to that one friend’s house – the one who’s both an amazing cook and a gracious host.

From the cozy, eclectic décor to the well-rounded menu and generous portions, everything about Sabrina’s feels familiar and comforting.

Home Cooked, For Real

Sabrina’s approach to food is simple – everything is made to order, and then it’s prepared with love and integrity. So what does that mean? Well, you might wait a little longer than you would at the drive-thru, but that’s really just part of the experience. The menu isn’t expansive, but the portion sizes certainly are. Restaurant goers can choose from a surprising mix of culturally and globally diverse foods, courtesy of Sabrina’s extensive travels and her six years spent running an open-air restaurant in Belize.

Sabrina’s West Street Kitchen is across the square at West Street Market, and she’s open for lunch and dinner on weekdays, and from 11 am to 8 pm on Saturdays. If online reviews are any indication – and in this case, they really are – then this is the one of those spots you just can’t miss.

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