Art at West Street Market – Say Hey to Jessamyn Parker

West Street Market is a place known for good food, good company, and good community vibes. And a big part of that is our commitment to the arts! Our rotating art gallery showcases work from amazing local artists, and we switch things out monthly on the common space wall and trip-monthly in Thali, the Lounge at Thali, and on the back room walls. You get it – keeping things fresh. Right now, our gallery wall is home to the work of one Jessamyn Parker, and it’s pretty cool stuff.

The Artist & The Work

Jessamyn is a born-and-raised Nevadan. She studied art and French literature at the University of Nevada and at California State University of Northridge. And while she found a thriving career in the world of fitness, art still serves as a creative outlet. Her work is inspired by growth, nature, and her compassion for all living things, with a variety of interesting themes and media.

From her artist’s statement:

“Jessamyn Parker is driven to express her compassion for all living beings and is interested in their evolution through time. Though she studied art in college and has always felt drawn to making art, only recently has she begun to open her work to the public. Currently, her work makes use of a variety of mediums and techniques to achieve the abstracted minimalist imagery of her most recent series. Much of her paintings are inspired by the strong interconnection that exists throughout the living world.”

Jessamyn’s featured artwork at West Street Market is mixed media – acrylic, charcoal, pastel – on wood. Plus, everything you see on the wall is up for grabs! We’re fortunate to have had her stuff grace our wall since the beginning of April, and we’re making plans to see her out with a bang. Join us April 28 from 6-8 pm for Jessamyn’s art reception. And then, get ready for our May showcase…

A Sneak Peak

Details are still being finalized, but what we can tell you is that our May show will be a collaboration with Boarding 4 Breast Cancer. Local artists will paint skateboards that will be on auction throughout the entire month, with a closing reception June 2 complete with plans for a skateboarding competition in the courtyard, raffle, live beats, the whole bit!

Yes, art is truly alive and well in the biggest little city and here at West Street Market, we celebrate it. Come and support local artists! Eat, admire, perhaps purchase your own piece of art, and definitely make plans for Jessamyn’s art reception April 28 and our June 2 wrap-up with Boarding 4 Breast Cancer.

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