Before Burning Man, Meet Us at West Street Market

Before you can be welcomed home to the playa, there is work to be done. Burning Man describes itself not as a festival, but as a community. In this temporary city of tens of thousands of people, the focus is on collaboration, inclusion, creativity and connection. And all of that takes some serious planning. And you know what happens when you’re doing all of that planning?

You get hungry.

Eat Like You Live

There’s no typical profile of a burner, but by and large, you are open, conscious, forward-thinking people. And here at West Street Market in Reno, our vendors are the same in their approach to food. From Thali to the Pizza Collective, the DeLuxe to Maya’s, these are people aligning themselves with organic and local food movements. And they’re doing so in the most delicious ways possible.

Before the Burn

And so we extend an invitation to you. As you descend on Reno in preparation for your trip to Black Rock City – as you pack and plan and shop and brainstorm and shop some more – get a jump start on that incomparable feeling of coming home to a true community. And do it with a side of great food! The restaurants at West Street Market have that vegetarian-vegan-gluten-free-local-organic thing going on, so start the compression party right here, right now.

You’ll also be just in time for the August edition of Summer Daze, our line-up of performances and events pretty much every dang day through August 24. So come, eat, enjoy, take in a performance or two, and soak up the vibe.

Because here at West Street Market in Reno, good food, good company, and good community vibes are kind of our thing. And we want everyone – locals, visitors, passers-through – to understand what that’s like.

Consider it a tiny sampling of the experience to come. At Burning Man, some 70,000 people gather to experience an alternate society that promotes its own set of values – freedom of expression, spirituality, creativity, caring, authenticity, and community.

At West Street Market, we gather to promote values of our own – simplicity, hard work, local roots, authenticity, and community.

So before the burn, meet us at West Street Market. And after the burn, come back. We can’t wait to hear all about it.

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