Getting Our Art On at West Street Market

You already know that West Street Market is a go-to for amazing food. But if you’re hungry for a little inspiration, we can help you there too.

“A beautiful community of artists work here, eat here, show work here, and hang out here,” says Rachael Blizzard, who manages the art gallery here at West Street. And she’s absolutely right. This is a place where people come to be inspired, and the galleries in the common area, back room, Thali, and Esoteric are all doing the trick nicely.

Diversity & Creativity

The goal with artwork featured at West Street Market is simple – showcasing the amazing talent right here in Reno. “I want people to come to get to know the diversity of artists living and working in the Reno/Tahoe area and the breadth of creativity within our community,” Rachael says.

And to that end, the art gallery was born. Not only does it beautify the space, it serves as a focal point, conversation starter, and calling card for other artistic folks in town. “I’d love to inspire more creatives to come to the WSM to not only eat/drink, but also to draw, paint, illustrate, and work on other artistic endeavors here – to feel inspired by the constant rotation of art in the space,” says Rachael. And you know we love that!

Behind the Galleries

So, how does the selection process go down? “I really like to show people that are just entering the art scene in Reno, pulling artists from UNR, and searching for a variety of people from all different backgrounds and cultures,” explains Rachael. “I look for work that is creative, plays into the season or holidays, and that the work has a unique quality to it. It’s also really important to me that artists are professional and take their work seriously as well.”

Currently, Rachael switches out exhibits in the common space monthly, with changes to the galleries in Thali, Esoteric, and the back room every three months. It keeps things fresh.

In early November, Rachael will be exhibiting work from Kate O’Hara, a freelance illustrator known for intricate nature drawings featuring decorative hand lettering and rich color, as well as geometric designs on hand-built canvases by Asa Kennedy (@ asakennedyart). In Esoteric, she’s currently featuring Ruby Barrientos’ abstracted line work imagery (@ruby_jo). And in Thali, you’ll find photography by Wilbur Northrup (@2tmnttoyphotography) – toy figures played in various real world compositions.

Calling all Artists

You don’t need to be an artist to hang out at West Street, but if you’re interested in getting up on that wall, listen up. Prepare an artist statement or a write-up about your current body of work, and then contact Rachael. You can also include any social media or website links. Or, reach out via @weststreetmarketgallery.

And hey – next time you’re hungry for a great meal or a little inspiration, you know where to go.

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