Where Reno Creatives Gather

You already know that West Street Market is a great place to work remotely. But what if you’re after a more creative kind of productivity? As it happens, West Street is one of those hidden spots where Reno creatives gather. Just ask Ruby Barrientos, a regular we’ve affectionately dubbed our resident artist.

That Artistic Vibe

“West Street Market has been an inspiring hang out place for me,” she explains. Drawn to Sol for the express purpose of sampling kava, Ruby describes West Street as a hidden gem. “I fell in love with the delicious food and community vibes. I’ve met so many wonderful people from frequenting West Street Market, I’ve even gotten some of them to draw and create with me.”

Community is more than a buzzword at WSM, which is why so many regulars hang out, well, regularly. Like Ruby, they come for the food and the mellow vibe. And like Ruby, they tote along their own outlets for creativity – mini watercolor sets, Sharpies, sketchpads, and notebooks for jotting down poems or positioning statements. “I’ve been bringing a sketchbook and Sharpie with me to West Street for a little over a year now,” says Ruby. “You can usually find me hanging out and drawing a couple times a week.”

And she’s not the only one. “I see other artists stop in and create in their sketchbooks too, which is inspiring to me,” Ruby says. “We sometimes share our art or talk about art, which can lead to a spontaneous collaboration piece right on the spot. I really enjoy seeing the kids get into creating, I often see them drawing or coloring in coloring books. I also love the open mic nights, which bring in all types of other creators into the space. The place really brings in a lot of creative energy.”

And there’s something to be said for the creative jolt that comes from working among motivated people. Interestingly, that whole “I work better in the coffee shop than I do at home” thing likely has less to do with the classic coffee shop noise (or the caffeine), and much more to do with all of those focused, busy people. Turns out, mental effort may be contagious.

And that’s good news whether you’re rushing to write something spectacular on deadline, brainstorming with a few coworkers, or just in the mood to doodle. Because here at West Street Market, things are always happening.

Just ask the resident artist. “West Street Market has everything you’d want in a place to create. It has those good mellow vibes with just enough excitement happening around you… It’s different from creating in a coffee shop or a bar, which is why I like it. It’s such a spacious place to create – you can be inside or outside when the weather permits.”

The hustle and bustle of prepping, cooking and serving, the parade of people in and out, the background noise of it all – this is stimulating stuff. And when you combine it with the community aspect of this place, well, it all starts to make sense.

About that Gallery Wall

Promoting local artists in the community just makes sense to us, which is why we make space in our common area to showcase amazing artwork. Our rotating gallery is swapped out on a loose monthly schedule, and we also feature work on the walls of both Estoric and Thali.

“It’s inspiring to see what other local artists in the Reno art scene are creating,” Ruby shares. “West Street Market curator, Rachel Blizzard, does an amazing job bringing in a variety of different local artists and their work into the gallery space, exposing all patrons of WSM to beautiful local art that doesn’t always get seen around other spots in town.”

Come in, be inspired. That’s the big takeaway here. Lots of creative folks are already doing it, and we hope you’re next. In fact, Ruby is making it official. “Whether you’re a visual artist, writer, or musician, you should really come check it out. It’s a great place to feel inspired!”

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