Reno Music Project Drops the Mic at West Street

The Reno Music Project is hosting another open mic event right here at West Street Market, and good news – you and everyone you know are invited. If you’re a WSM regular, you probably know that our house open mic nights are the first and third Sundays of every month, which means it’s going down this Sunday, January 6. Come to perform, or just to enjoy. But either way, don’t miss the very first Reno Music Project of 2019!

The Reno Music Project

Described as a labor of love, the Reno Music Project is a music cooperative supporting local artists and musicians and creating a platform for original, independent music here in northern Nevada. In other words – these folks are serious about their music. We asked Todd South, one of the original founders of this cool little project, to tell us more.

“When we started, it was definitely more of a co-op, with several folks helping each other organize and promote both open mic and songwriter/original band showcases,” Todd explains.

The collaborative got its start way back in 2002 with a goal of developing and encouraging original talent and promoting music for music’s sake. Another admirable goal? Producing family-friendly shows that are open to audience members of all ages, which makes these events stand out from the typical 21-and-over scene here in Reno.

“I’m really proud of all the young talent that have come through my open mic through the years, and my own kids grew up performing in and helping with it,” says Todd. “The younger players learn from the older cats, and we older folks definitely learn plenty from the young talent. I’ve hosted bar open mics here and there, but I really prefer a family friendly environment for musicians – especially songwriters – to share their passion with others in a welcoming space. For ‘couch players’ and newbies, open mic can range from intimidating to terrifying. I like to lower the fear factor and make them feel comfy and welcome.”

So how’s it working out at West Street?

“Thanks to Megan and West Street Market, we now have a great opportunity to make use of a well-appointed room with great sound and a great stage,” Todd says. “The food and drink vendors are very welcoming, and definitely above-average in quality. I’m hoping that those elements attract an audience that will appreciate and support the combination.” Which is where you come in, dear reader. This is one of those ongoing, go-to events you can’t miss!

Todd describes the nature of open mic as trending toward solo and duo acoustic acts, but he’s a strong supporter of creative artists making their own tunes. “We can even plug in someone’s phone/device if they don’t play an instrument and require backing tracks, and though poetry and comedy aren’t the focus, they aren’t forbidden either. I just ask that folks keep in mind we’re in a public, all-ages space, and to keep the content PG-13 so everyone can enjoy.”

You In?

The Reno Music Project open mic night is this Sunday, December 6 from 5-9 pm, and these booked gigs shouldn’t be missed. That’s the thing about the Reno Music Project – this event is all about the music, and that means high-quality acts and musicians. This is the kind of show that yields music you can’t wait to share with all your friends, whether you’re sitting with them or up on stage in front of them. So take a break from the lingering holiday craziness, grab some great food, and enjoy the show.

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