Eating Healthy in Reno at West Street Market

Hands up if you’re one of the millions of Americans pledging to eat better in 2019. Good for you! But all of that good intention can crumble in an instant when you finally cave and end up eating out. Well, we have good news. If you’re committed to the whole healthy eating thing in 2019, West Street Market can help.

Baby Steps

LivingWell ran a great little article that chops that generic “eat better” resolution into bite-sized little pieces that end up being much more manageable (and probably much more effective). If your vision of eating healthy involves more veggies, less meat, less sugar, or embracing the organic, local food movement, the vendors at West Street Market are just the ticket.

  • More veggies – The recommended daily serving of vegetables is three or more (!) and French fries don’t count. But at Thali or the Deluxe or Sabrina’s, you have options! One look at the menus in these off-the-beaten path restaurants and you’ll find all kinds of vegetables cooked and served in the most delicious ways imaginable.
  • Less meat – If you’re having an increasingly hard time wrapping your head around the environmental and humanitarian tolls of raising livestock, cut back a bit! You can find all kinds of vegetarian dishes around West Street, and this food is so good, you won’t miss the meat. If you’re just looking for ecologically responsible meats, Deluxe and the Pizza Collective are all about it.
  • Less sugar – This one is easy. Skip dessert once in a while. Or instead of wine and dessert, go with one or the other. Baby steps! Plus, our wine bar features biodynamic and natural wines, which means less chemically altered production methods.s
  • Organic and local – Good food, good company, and good community vibes are kind of our thing here at West Street Market, and we’re loud, proud proponents of doing things the right way. For our vendors, that means sourcing food and ingredients from ranchers, beekeepers, and farmers right here in our community. Updates about local ingredients are regularly shared by our individual vendors, so look to the various chalkboards and on social media for what they’re serving next. Look at you, being all ecologically responsible!

Easy Enough

Becoming more aware of the food going into your body is admirable, and we’re here for it. All of our vendors are, too. So come, eat, and feel good about crushing those 2019 nutrition goals!

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