Shop Local, Dine Local

After the turkey and the pie come the deals. And on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving – two of the biggest shopping days of year – there will be no shortage of deals and steals. But while you’re out there fighting the crowds, remember to keep it local wherever you shop and dine.

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is one of those feel-good days when we support local businesses. Forget Amazon – this is the day to get out in your own community and offer your patronage to local small business owners (something you should do on the regular, by the way, and not just as a symbolic gesture once a year!). After all, these are the business owners who have kids in Reno schools, coach local sports teams, attend local events, and live and work right here in your town. These people are your friends, your neighbors, your acquaintances, and there are many benefits to showing them a little love.

This small-business-focused day got its start in response to the one of most urgent needs of small business owners – getting customers in the door during the busy holiday shopping season. Now, on the last Saturday of each November, local businesses have a national platform reminding customers that their support is greatly appreciated. And bonus – the small businesses often throw down with amazing sales for a little extra incentive. There’s a great list over at RenoTahoe, so have a look at your options and get out there! From shops to spas to, ahem, restaurants, keep your dollars local. It does a world of good, including but not limited to:

  • Keeping your money in the local economy
  • Embracing what makes Reno so unique
  • Creating local jobs
  • Helping the environment
  • Nurturing community
  • Investing in entrepreneurship
  • Supporting friends and neighbors

TL; DR: shopping local is a way to support our very own community, which happens to be a tenet of West Street Market. We’re big fans of that whole farm-to-table thing, and our vendors live that kind of local food philosophy day in and day out. Eating here directly benefits not only our amazing vendors, but a whole string of farmers, ranchers, beekeepers, craft brewers, and artisan crafters behind them. If you’re on board, we hope you’ll take a break from your busy shopping day this Saturday for a delicious meal at any of our restaurants. Our vendors are proud supporters of the local food movement, which means dining here makes you a very important part of that happy, local-lovin’ chain.

Come for pizza, Indian fare, a great glass of wine, exotic feel-good food, and the finest vegan and vegetarian options in town, and enjoy the feeling that comes with showing our local entrepreneurs that what they’re doing matters.

This Small Business Saturday, shop local, dine local. And hey, enjoy those deals!

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