West Street Market Spotlight: The Pizza Collective

The restaurants at West Street Market are top notch, and we’re spending some time talking up every last one of them. Today, let’s grab a slice with The Pizza Collective.

The Back Story

This one goes way back – to early April of 2018. That’s when The Pizza Collective got its start, sharing space with the generous folks behind Sol Kava. But months before they could actually start slinging dough, the collective behind the collective – a group of nine friends who are more like family – started dreaming up ways to put their shared love of high quality, high conscious food to work. Enter the world’s most beautiful oven.

Fast forward to April, when the keystone of this little empire – that big, blue-tiled Italian-made oven – had to cure for a full ten days. Let’s just say, the anticipation was high. And it was worth the wait. Now, the whole gang is in on the action. From sourcing farm-fresh ingredients to working the dough, tending the fire to taking orders, these guys are all in – and loving every minute of it.

the-pizza-collective-west-street-market-reno-best-pizza-everThe Menu

The Pizza Collective menu is simple and to the point. Every week, pizza lovers have their choice of the house margherita, which is always on the menu and available with seasonal, optional add-ons, plus three specialty pies, a salad option or two, and their killer dipping sauces.

These artisan sourdough pizzas cook in just 90 seconds – all the better to preserve texture, flavor, and nutritional value – and pies are created based on ingredients at hand. That’s how you get wood-fired pizzas like chorizo and fontina or oyster mushrooms, fontina, truffle tremor goat cheese, garlic and thyme.

Oh, and those ingredients? They’re almost all locally sourced – check the board to see what comes from where. That also means the menu changes weekly to reflect nature’s seasonality and new inspirations.

And then there’s the dough – the backbone of a pizza. The Pizza Collective throws down with 00 Italian-style flour, a sprinkling of whole wheat flour, and a sourdough starter. The resulting crust is flavorful, chewy, slightly sour, and pretty much perfect.

Pair that artisan pizza with the Collective’s picture-perfect salad, and you have a meal fit for royalty.

The Specifics

Local produce, organic cheese, an interactive bar, and a business created and run by a bevy of co-owners who all take pride in creating something delicious in a way that’s ecologically responsible? Not many pizza places can say the same.

The Takeaway

Next-level pizza made with reverence for the craft, the planet, and the body. This is not a drill.

The Pizza Collective is posting away on Facebook, so have a look for menus, photos, and hours. And next time you’re thinking pizza, think The Pizza Collective.

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