The Best Place to Work Remotely in Reno

If all you need to work is your laptop and a good wifi connection, then you’re probably familiar with the many, many great coffee shops here in Reno. And while they have their place, here are three reasons to add West Street Market to your daytime workspace rotation.

The Essentials

Since reliable, lightning-fast wifi is obviously a requirement for any workspace, we could technically skip right over that. But just so we’re clear – West Street Market has the wifi and the handy outlets. You’ll also find a mix of indoor seating, plus a spacious patio for enjoying our beautiful local weather. Oh, you work best slouched in a big comfy chair, seated at a bar, or at a table with plenty of space for all of your essentials? Check, check, and check.

Another non-negotiable? Easy access. At West Street, take your pick of ample street parking or validated parking at the garage on 1st and Sierra Street.

The Food

You have to fuel the fire, am I right? Good food keeps that blood sugar level stable, and here at West Street Market, you aren’t limited to coffee shop pastries. You have options. Maybe you’re down for some fresh-from-the-oven pizza, or you have a hankering for a big ol’ salad. Maybe you want something spicy. Maybe you work best with an adult beverage by your side, and in that case, West Street has you covered. And if after all that, you still need an infusion of java, West Street Market is ideally situated next to some of the city’s best coffee shops.

The Atmosphere

It’s no coincidence that coffee shops and cafes are loaded with people armed with laptops, notebooks, and mobile devices. Interestingly, studies have linked moderate ambient noise to enhanced performance on creative tasks, and sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what you need to boost productivity.

Visual interest is another benefit to working remotely. With people coming and going, our vendors doing their thing, and the pleasant background noise created in bustling kitchens and culinary workspaces, there’s a lot of mild stimulation to keep you focused.

The work-from-wherever lifestyle is exploding, and West Street Market is here for it. So come in, eat up, and get some work done already!

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