Family-Friendly Dining in Downtown Reno You’ll Actually Enjoy

If the thought of family-friendly dining sounds like something you want to avoid at all costs, keep reading. Because the truth is, not all family-friendly restaurants are equal. But there’s more to dining in downtown Reno than the casinos or the hipster havens, and just because you have kids doesn’t mean you no longer have tastebuds. So forget the tablecloths you can draw on, or the run-of-the-mill kids’ menu, or, heaven forbid, the animatronic animals. At West Street Market, you’ll find family-friendly dining in downtown Reno that you’ll actually enjoy. From the setting to the atmosphere to the food, West Street is about to become your go-to spot for family night out.

All the Space

Wrangling a toddler determined to explore can make visiting a restaurant next to impossible. But at West Street Market, you don’t have to lock anyone into that high chair just to keep the wait staff happy. This is a super cool space, with a common-space layout and tons of outdoor room on our cobbled patio. That makes it especially awesome in the warmer months, but there’s space to move inside, too. So if you have a wanderer on your hands, you can let him or her do his thing while you enjoy that artisan pizza or exceptional South Indian dish.

No Side Eye

Our angle is good food, good company, and good community vibes, so you know this is one of those welcoming, non-judgmental spots. Show up here with a few pint-sized companions, and you won’t get any side eye. We get it, kids have to eat too, and no one should feel shamed for bringing along their offspring. And hey, if you happen to swing by during one of our many events, you can enjoy a little entertainment and expose the kiddos to some culture while you eat.

OMG The Food

It’s a sad truth that too many parents are resigned to downing subpar meals when they eat out with their kids. You know the drill – bad pizza, dry sandwiches, greasy burgers and fries, that kind of thing. Not so at West Street. The food is diverse, delicious, and thoughtfully sourced, which makes eating here an easy way to show your kids what it really means to eat local. That’s a conversation worth starting early, and you can model good behavior and enjoy a killer meal out, all at the same time.

So next time you’re asking Siri or Alexa to recommend a restaurant in downtown Reno that’s suitable for the whole family, remember West Street Market. You’ll find food the whole family will love, space for the kids to stretch out, and the adult beverages that you’ll have so rightly earned. Oh, and one more thing – there’s tons of easy, validated parking right around the corner! Come, eat, and bring the kids – you guys are going to love this place.

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