Calling All College Students

College is one wild and crazy time, amirite?! But for those college students in Reno actually trying to get some studying done off campus, well, your pickings are a little slim. Ideally, you want somewhere not too crowded, not too loud, with room to stretch out, and great food within arm’s reach. Luckily, West Street Market ticks the boxes on all counts – and then some.

Bring Everyone

Group projects are a thing in college (and often in life – get ready for that), and instead of cramming everyone around a table in the school library and trying to keep your snacks hidden, bring the party to West Street Market. We have ample space in our common area to spread out and get your work handled, and our patio space is especially nice in the warmer months.

Nom Nom Nom

A huge part of the appeal of West Street is our amazing vendors and their even more amazing food. Whatever fuel you need to power through that homework is readily available, so you can keep that blood sugar stable for better focus and concentration. You know you work better with a full belly!

A Twofer Deal

Is there anything more satisfying than closing that textbook or hitting save on that paper? Once you check that stuff off your list, you can transition directly to the more enjoyable parts of your day or evening. Grab lunch or dinner with friends, see what kind of entertainment is on deck for the night, browse the work of our featured artists, and for the under-21 crowd, try a little mood stimulating kava. Love potion, anyone?

Easy Access

West Street Market is right downtown, a mere hop, skip, and jump from the university, and we have ample validated parking in the garage nearby. Hop on your bike and peddle over, grab an Uber for a cheap ride, or do the carpool thing. Once you’re here, you’ll want to hang out for a while. That’s the beauty of West Street Market – there’s something for everyone, and for college students in particular, it’s the kind of place you want to be.

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