Here’s What’s Happening at West Street Market Now

Some six months ago, we wrote a post all about West Street Market’s new management and new vision. We promised that this under-the-radar downtown go-to was primed to become what it should have always been – a mecca for good food, good company, and good community vibes. Now, we’re grading our progress to date, and evaluations are looking good.

Good Food

Thanks to new standard operating hours, visitors to West Street Market have their pick of our amazing merchants. No more jonesing for some classic Indian fare, only to find everything open except Maya’s. And with the addition of The Pizza Collective, we’ve really rounded out our offerings. This is the place to go for flavorful food prepared with an eye to local and organic food movements. And that’s so cool! We’re working on bringing other options into the market to satisfy even more palettes, so stay tuned.

Good Company

From the rotating art galleries to the pooch-friendly vibe, the creative inspiration to the work-from-here thing we have going on, this is a place that encourages cozy, comfortable camaraderie. And that’s not just a handy alliteration. It’s really true! The West Street Market family is a mix of all the people on both sides of the counters, and we really wouldn’t have it any other way. So bring in your sketchbook, or your homework, or your favorite puzzle. Bring in your coworkers, your mom, or that hot date. It’s hard to find an atmosphere that can accommodate all of those dynamics, but somehow, West Street Market makes it work.

Good Community Vibes

We love hosting the community, and one look at our events calendar is evidence of that. From our Summer Daze line-up to Halloween Hollow, throwing a big ol’ party is something we do really well. And even with colder temperature and shorter days in the works, we have more great times in the works. Of course, you also have the option of hosting private events here at West Street, so if you’re in charge of the office holiday party this year, consider it a sign and drop us a line today.

So #meetmeatweststreet Already

If you haven’t been in lately, there’s no time like the present. And if you’re the hashtagging type, give us a shout with #meetmeatweststreet. We’re looking to keep spreading the word about what’s happening here at West Street Market, and there are lots of good things still to come. We hope you’ll be there for all of them.

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